SSS Teaching Methodology

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E.  W.  F.  A.  S.



Our Teaching Methodology  be learner centric and  is designed to kindle in every child a curiosity to know, thereby making learning experiential. This is done by engaging the children in activities related to lessons rather than on ‘rote learning’. This helps in laying a strong foundation in concepts. Our methodology helps to strengthen the body, mind, and emotions, and create a sense of integration with the whole world. It helps in preparing children to live with the art of living in this ever-changing world by equipping them with all the needed life skills, information, and wisdom to be worthy global citizens. The focus is not only on academics but on holistic development of the child.

As part of teaching – learning plans we follow a concentric approach to ensure understanding by every child in the class.  All the time we use audio, video and visual resources to meet children’s learning style and we have strategic remedial plans to take care of different learning abilities of children . In the learning process our well organized link to text books and practice books helps students to empower individual learning competence with critical and cognitive thinking along with creative and problem solving skills.

Our teachers are trained by experts to teach a student as per their level of understanding and intelligence. Also learning happens through various activities in, around and outside the classroom. Even the journey from home to school and back involves various activities, games, fun processes, music, meditation and chanting to utilize every moment that they spend on the way and in the school


The Academic Eco-System of SSS consists of Five Elements of Life:


CONCEPTS solid as the EARTH

To cultivate academic, social, emotional and spiritual learning, we Conceptualize through observation & Inference, field trips, Role play / Dramatization, experiential learning and mind maps.

INFORMATION omnipresent as the Air

Information becomes relevant only if the concepts are strong. We gather information from libraries, working on projects, participation in debates/ seminars/ group discussions & challenging assignments for getting connected to facts to know it’s depth.

ATTITUDE shaped as WATER to the container

Concepts and Information acquired can be applied only when the Attitude is Right. We acquire the perfect attitude through inspiring stories, service, Pranayama & Meditation for transformation and strength of the self.

Sparks of IMAGINATION ignite FIRE

Clear imagination gives us the depth and expression to our Concepts and Information. We enliven our imagination to make wings to thoughts through creative activities like collage work, pictorial representation, creative writing, composing stories & poems, painting / sketching, dance, music & art forms.

FREEDOM pervasive as SPACE

CONCEPT, INFORMATION, ATTITUDE & IMAGINATION can manifest to its fullest only with this fifth aspect FREEDOM. Freedom to think , speak and express our thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions.