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The STEPPING STONES SCHOOL is student centric and believes in the dictum of  Aristotle “Quality is not an Act, it is a habit.” Our underlying philosophy is “Cultivate an Individual from within”. Therefore, the school adheres to the healthy blend of the objective and subjective aspects of education and firmly believes that all knowledge is inherent within an individual and it requires only an inspirational, motivational and masterly awakening with right guidance and direction in the facilitating environment and ambience. It is like the potential existence of a great tree in the small seed. It only needs some external facilitation for the small seed to sprout. In this connection the SSS provides the ambient environment and the facilitation that help the little child unleash the inherent potential to grow great as a change maker. The SSS inculcates good behavior, manners along with strong academic fundamentals in the global directions among the learning minds, besides sensitizing about the Nature, Nation and the Environment for the aspirants’ holistic development.



Our Moto

The pervasive motto of the school is reflected in the ever flowing institutional philosophy of cultivating and culturing the individuals from within.