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Integrity and Honesty

Ever tuning to the trust and expectations of the parents and the students with quality education as the guide pole and personality development, emotional make-up as the goal orientation and also with strong base of moral principles. The quality of being honest is the undercurrent of our curricular, co-curricular and extra- curricular activities.


The school in toto and the staff in specific are geared to maintain a higher state of being dedicated to a noble cause of life-building, activity of high order, goal of distinct achievement and the proclaimed institutional Vision. Commitment stands as the live-wire of the learning environment, teacher-student interaction and also the student behavioural modulation and design thinking.

Stimulating Environment

The eco-system of the school is an interesting and exciting place to assure a stimulating learning environment. It excites a greater activity orientation, drive for achievement with motivation of high order. The environs of the school arouse a physiological, psychological emotional stimulus. This helps to cultivate the individual from within with Indian values and traditions but at international standards making up for articulation of faculties at the Global level.


Cultured life and achievements of high order are leadership driven powered by teamwork. The school, in its curricular and co-curricular academic framework, stands as an epitome of leadership building for personal and professional life of every student   with requisite emotional intelligence.


Cultivating excellence is the prerequisite for creating, maintaining and updating the dynamic futuristic outlook and smartness of the students with continuous self-development. The driving spirit of the Stepping Stones School, with CBSE affiliation, is taming the excellence among the young spirited and vibrant minds through ever encouraging and actuating an inquisitiveness, insighted thinking ignited by critical, rational and analytical questioning