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                             A good education is the best gift we can give our children, undoubtedly such a gift is the Stepping Stones School Scholastic System. Our Curriculum approach is different from the traditional rote learning approach because the anchor of learning is not a textbook, but it is absolutely the learning plan.

Our academic system sustainably empowers teachers to deliver the curriculum with confidence and track student progress by analyzing their performance. Every day parents can monitor their child’s progress, attendance and assessment scores from anywhere by their parent app like a parent teacher meet.

Undoubtedly School Education is the basis for the child’s success. At Stepping Stones School, being a CBSE Affiliated school, we believe that children must receive thorough grounding and development of character, which are essential parts of good education. Our curriculum is based on the research-based recommendations of the CBSE and LEAD School, and is designed to make learning fun filled, activity-based and experiential. Students are encouraged to take an active part in the learning process by involving them in various interesting and fun-based activities like class exhibitions, role-plays and demonstrations. They also get a number of  opportunities to work on interesting projects and assignments as part of the academics.