Pre Primary Wing

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We work with fostering critical and creative thinking and collaborative problem solving through a robust curriculum delivered by engaging and dedicated educators.



Stepping Stones School Pre Primary Wing


In our pre primary wing, we emphasis on laying the seeds of physical and personal development. Developing motor skills, stamina, rhythm, strength, agility and concentration are given utmost importance, through a variety of enjoyable games as this age is precious for laying a solid foundation for the future. Based on the progressive philosophy, learning is made thoroughly enjoyable through the play-way method. The all round development of the child is fostered through observation, exploration and discovery.

Our teachers are trained by experts to teach a student as per their level of understanding and intelligence , also learning happens through various activities in, around and outside the classroom. Even the journey from home to school and back involves various activities, games, fun processes, music, meditation and chanting to utilize every moment that they spend on the way and in the school. Our objective behind is not only to enrich the children with IQ but also with EQ.