Mr. Kassey Raja Sekhar

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Principal, Stepping Stones School- Tanuku


Principal’s Message


I am very much pleased and feel it a proud privilege to welcome the children and parents to Stepping Stones School, Tetali- Tanuku, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi. Over the past Six years of its remarkable and widely appreciated academic journey since 2014, Stepping Stones School stood as an illuminating star in the galaxy of school education. The school has been schematically nurtured through a sound balance of quality educational programmes with state-of the art facilities and unequivocal academic services with a vision and continuous focus on the aptitudes and inherent capabilities of the children.

To quote Albert Einstein “Education is not about learning facts but training young minds to think.” There is a big difference between cramming up facts and learning them so that they can be applied in productive and creative ways. The students of Stepping stones school learn a variety of things at school and are trained to do what they would like to “do” when they grow up in accordance with our underlying philosophy of cultivating an individual from within. We work with passion in the direction of all-round development of our students by providing them the tools and experiences that encourage them to think creatively. The aim is to create empowered minds, to enable the students to decide what is good for them in addition to empowered souls to differentiate between right and wrong. And also to choose opportunities that suit their potential with capacity building and also enables them to live in harmony with all the diversity in nature. we also try to make them think about what they would like to “be” – in terms of loyalty to the nation honing the character with a  strong lasting moral and ethical  value framework that help them make  their distinct mark in the future competitive world. Our unparalleled record of accomplishments in academics besides the co-curricular activities like  sports, dance, music, Yoga, Skating, public service, speak volumes of the quality and brought-up of students of our Stepping Stones School. 

Our teachers are, no doubt, self propelled, but carefully picked, trained and developed constantly to upgrade their subject knowledge and skills to meet the demands of the relentlessly changing world around them. 

I strongly feel that the Children are a gift from God.Though they are brought up in the same family, under the similar conditions they are endowed with different traits, aptitudes, attitudes and habits. Our duty as parents is to bring them up in the right way, by being their role models. All children aspire for and need the love, care and attention of their parents. When they do not get the desired at home, they seek it elsewhere and get into undesirable company, which may leave a lifelong agony for them and also their parents. Spending quality time with children is very important. Wealth does not make a child happy. What the child needs is your quality time and not your gifts. When you get back from work, devote some time to your children even while you are attempting to complete your household chores, make your children do homework in your presence and assist them without sending them to tuition centers. No doubt, disciplining a child is one of the most difficult tasks for parents and also often unpleasant for the children. Yet it has to be done with a firm hand and in a loving environment. Some parents feel that their children will love them more if they give them whatever they ask for. This is the most imprudent notion. If you look around you will find that a well disciplined child loves his or her parents much more than a pampered child.once again I appeal to one and all and to their rational senses that Children are the most precious gift from the God, and it is our duty to raise them as intellectually hardworking, efficient beyond comparison and humane with kindness, honesty and integrity standing to the test of changing times. 

My humble appeal to all the children is that today the entire world  has been experiencing  a continuous  scientific and technological transformation and developments like Artificial Intelligence(AI), Internet as Of Things (IOT), Nano Technology, Genetic Engineering, Robotics, Machine Learning(ML) constant communication re-engineering and space explorations as  well. In this modern and scientific world your luck is not on the pattern of lines in your hand but it is according to your thinking pattern. You become what you think. As soon as you develop the habit of thinking positively the stars will start turning in your favor. This world is full of opportunities. If you seize them with your good senses and hard work, you become lucky again and again. God has planted a luck manufacturing machine in your own mind so that you can create your own luck. Realize it and learn to operate and reap it. Work hard with consciousness and secure as much as you want in the form of success and life time happiness. Obey your parents love and respect them. May God bless you.

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