Mr. V. Harish

Vice Principal, Physics Educator

I think what I had learned during my education is not enough to succeed in life as they taught only in a traditional instructional way. Our learning should constantly evolve and collaborative and interactive process is the necessity that paves the way for original thinking and research. So, I decided to take teaching as my profession as I had confidence that I can teach better in a conceptual and analytical way with real-life examples and an activity-based approach to make an educational progression of students every day and to extract inherent knowledge of students. To teach in a better way and to imbibe problem solving skills in students I was trained and empowered through various CBSE, DIKSHA, LEAD programs.

As we are in a technology driven world today students should be innovative, creative with an orientation on problem solving skills. In the information age education has not to just passively passing on knowledge, but create active learners. It has to help them develop explicit skills and give tools that students would know how to apply further, so that they understand why, and what they are learning this is useful to lead to them in achieving their goals. .


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