About Campus Life

Our School

  • School campus is divided into Specific areas with inspirational and creative blocks and unimaginative art work.
  • A child is not allowed to leave the school premises without the permission letter/slip being signed by the concern teacher and the Heads.


  • Bus facility is available for rural areas for the students comfort. Stepping Stones School is responsible for the safety of its students and staff on the school campus, during field trips.
  • "NO- TOUCH" policy is being strictly implemented. Our school have only female attendeants in buses.
  • All buses are GPS enabled and monitored centrally. Any deviances are brought to the notice of the Principal and In-charge immediately by parents/teachers.
  • The attender/teacher ensures that the last child is dropped before he or she disembarks the bus. No child is let unattended inside a bus.

Water Safety

  • Every drop of water is hygiene and filtered through several reverse osmosis processes.
  • Precautions are being taken to supply water to each block without any leakages.
  • Water filtration environment is super clean and bacteria free.

Fire Saftety

  • School is equipped with fire detection sensors.
  • We train students on how to respond to a fire alarm during a school fire drill.
  • Fire safety building sprinkler system is well maintained.
  • Every class room has a map of school showing 2 exits.


  • The school compoud is fenced and gated such a way that intruders are checkmated
  • We have strict rule to clearance, given to any visitor before entering the school premises.
  • Students, Teachers and workers always be in possession of their ID card.
  • We train students on importance of being security conscious.

CC TV surveillance

  • It is needful that the school catches all the activities that happen on camera.
  • This is so that nothing is left un-captured should there be a fishy movement towards anyone in the school.